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Infoplus Technologies E-learning Division is promoted by academicians and experienced team from engineering service, backed by an esteemed advisory council consisting of former Vice Chancellors, eminent professors and industry experts, Infoplus Technologies E-learning Division has innovated newer and cost-effective delivery tools with digital learning contents, an integrated 3D medium platform for Technical / Vocational education and training, called 3DMô ClassRoom - powered by technology - to infuse ICT into Appropriate Areas of Quality Teaching and Learning, bringing products, machineries, equipment and the industry virtually to the class-room through relevant technology.

The 3DMô ClassRoom objective is to create conducive and effective learning environments and accentuate the visual expression and thinking of Students, by integrating three-dimensional visual thinking into existing critical thinking studies across disciplines at all levels - thro real-life applications and industry practices, Major Features of the Product and benefits to the College and the students include :

1. Visual-rich Accelerated Learning-cum-Teaching Tool : Over 1000 slides of texts, 2D illustrated images, derivations and exercises as authoritative content supplemented with a large number of 3D animations of real-life applications and industry practices, aptly embedded into the syllabus facilitating quick grasp of the concepts and its applications enabling the student to perform his examination and job interviews with great success. 3DMô ClassRoom thus transforming students from different environment "Industry-Ready".

2. An excellent Teacher-Aid : This ensures that the teacher has the best base content with large number of 3D visuals, to adapt for his lecture focusing more on effective delivery than on material preparation. Features include "interactive pen" to highlight key points / draw new diagrams; "Note Pad" to add new notes; right-sized font and color scheme for clear visibility without darkening the class room; zoom features to cover over 60 students, if need be, in a classroom.

3. Non-Linear method of Teaching and Floating window : The total subject can be traversed for quick reference by click of a button - content-navigation is made easy like a book. Pictures / images are made floating so that it could be stationed on any part of the screen, while viewing thro multipage derivations / problems / exercises.

4. Global Standards in Engineering Education : Authored by eminent Professors and subject experts from Academia and Industry, 3DMô ClassRoom facilitates building excellence in the Technical / Vocational Education / training to meet the knowledge challenges of the 21st century and transform our country as a global knowledge leader.
5. Modularly Structured : The content is modularly structured for each branch of Engineering, enabling easy assembling for adaptation to specific requirement both in extent and / or depth of every University / Institute.
3DMô ClassRoom has been delivered and installed with various Institutes / Universities across the country . A detailed study of 3DM implementation has shown that the voluntary attendance and the mean score of the class have well improved. Further, the teacher could save 25% 30% time in writing notes on the blackboard. Thus the use of 3DMô ClassRoom facilitates increase in pass percentage and employability of the students and hence increases the intake of students by the Institute / College / University.