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Significance of BI

"A strategic approach to extending and standardizing the use of BI"
"Any organization that cannot deal with data quality and consistency issues from within the confines of its BI platform does not have a credible product in place, nor does it have a plausible BI strategy" stated The Butler Group, in its recent report.

Gartner states that, "Most visible to management is the growing dissatisfaction with the quality of data in Business Intelligence (BI) oriented data structures such as data warehouses. As the strategic importance of applications built on these structures continues to grow, users are less tolerant of poor quality. This also applies when the data warehouse generates information for compliance with regulations such as the U.S. Public Company Accounting Reform and Investor Protection Act (Sarbanes-Oxley)."

Business Intelligence focuses on arming your stakeholders with tools and techniques to gain insight and knowledge from your organization’s integrated, trusted data, all through a repeated, well-orchestrated process.

Hence Business Intelligence (BI) strategy is one of the most critical components of creating knowledge from data, and is more than a one-size-fits-all approach. It specifically addresses the needs, styles and convenience of your knowledge workers and requires that information is monitored, easily navigated and well-orchestrated.

Give your organization the power to open new markets, enhance existing customer relationships, generate revenue, and discover the next horizons with best specific BI strategy. ITL’s Business Intelligence Services are all about adding power to your organisation.

End-to-End BI Solutions

We provide integrated BI solutions that allow your stakeholders / partners access right data across the enterprise. Right from assessment and strategy to architecture and implementation, our framework provides a road map that assesses and addresses your business needs, and architects a solution customized for your organization. Thus enterprises benefit from improved information access and streamlined flows.


ITL’s enterprise reporting options range from simple reporting functionality on top of an existing ERP to solutions that maximize the value of your ERP solutions. Each of our clients benefits from customized, scalable solutions based on their business requirements, needs and technologies.

ITL’s is one of the lead Business Intelligence service players in Europe and have worked closely with several companies as their in-house or external BI partner to constantly deliver the growing reporting challenges of top management, mid management and its stake holders. Often the most neglected or least focused, ITL experienced BI teams can demonstrate or work on a prototype to establish a complete data warehousing solution meeting the growing simple to complex needs of an enterprise.

Our BI group is equipped to support following tools extensively:
SAP NetWeaver BI
Informatica – PowerMart, PowerCenter
Business Objects XI (BO)
Business Objects Data Integrator (BODI)
Crystal Reports
Microsoft – Data Information Services
Oracle Replication and Oracle Warehouse Builder