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Infoplus project methodologies are based on following key areas:

Planning Phase
Preparation Phase
Execution Phase

This is the most crucial stage and we understand the core expectations and then go forward defining the project goals or expectations of the customer. In this stage, once the delivery requirements are analysed, Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) are defined and then sign-off is achieved with the customer.

This is the first active and pro-active stage and would involve estimating project size and the onsite-offshore distribution of the FTEs (Full-time Equivalents) in the SAP Functional and Technical teams (Basis, NetWeaver integrations support and ABAP categories).


Knowledge transfer regarding the customer-specific SAP installation and support processes in use. Preparing the Operating Procedure Manual (OPM), based on our study of Business Blueprint and System Configuration documents generated during the implementation.

Releasing the approved version of OPM as "version 1" for the Execution phase.
Installing infrastructure and the necessary support software.
Execution & Transitioning

The actual support provision process commences during this phase, which comprises of the following activities.

Providing support as per the agreed SLAs.
Daily review of call status to ensure that the service level conforms to the SLA.
Submission of monthly reports on the project status.

Reviewing the following on a periodic basis:

Level of adherence to SLA metrics
Observations on system usage
Discussion of additional training needs, if any
Review of operating procedures, if necessary
Preparing an action plan to improve the uptime and usage of the system