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As a reliable preferred SAP vendor for many enterprises, ITL clients, partners and associates can benefit from following:

Highly cost-effective competitive rates for support services you can bet on us for best pricing

Completed several projects and supported number of professional augmentation challenges

Access our well experienced 500+ SAP functional and technical consultants worldwide

Consistent SAP All-in-OneTM system support, covering the full range of SAP functions with great flexibility

The SAP Knowledge Transfer

The Complete Annual Support Package

Extensive yet flexible 3 delivery support models

Onsite Support
Near shore Support or Combination of Onsite-Near shore (working from London Facilities for European clients and From Chennai for Asian Clients)
Remote (Offshore) Support Model for non-critical ABAP development support, remote netweaver basis and technical support, help desk and level 2 and 3 support from ODC.
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Benefits of Outsourcing SAP support:
Flexible Client Specific Support Package, to meet your specific needs
Highly Cost Effective We truly delivering value for your money
Increased efficiency and productivity through business continuity
On schedule calls to ensure smooth running of SAP support function plan actions ahead to replace "fire-fighting"

Finally, the peace of mind that comes from a reliable and preferred SAP partner.